If you wonder what's going on here... well, some guys hanging around on IRC all the time blog about their favourite topic, SilverStripe PHP Framework, and everything related.

The main goal is to save those little snippets and "a-ha" moments while developing and helping out others on IRC.

If you are interested in sharing your SilverStripe or web programming related knowledge you are invited to post there. Send us an email to info<at>silverstrip.es and we can give you access to the blog or we can post a guest article for you.


Barry and Werner

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Syncing a ManyManyList

Sometimes you want to update a ManyMany relation to have exact this set of foreign keys. Not just adding and deleting, but both - best in just one call.
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Installing SS on 1and1

I've recently re-installed some SilverStripe sites on 1and1 web hosting.  It was Painful!
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Batch renaming files and adding padded zeros to numbers

Today a customer sent me some hundred images I should add to an image gallery. Unfortunately the files were renamed under windows: uppercase JPG extension and - really annoying -...
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Responsive Media added via TinyMCE in SilverStripe

In SilverStripe you can add Videos within the TinyMCE Editor by using the "Insert Media" Button.
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Scaffolding Forms With many_many Relations (And Checkboxes)

In one of my latest projects we have a lot of frontend forms related to DataObjects. Instead of building the FieldList manually we use the form scaffolder, a great tool.
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