If you wonder what's going on here... well, some guys hanging around on IRC all the time blog about their favourite topic, SilverStripe PHP Framework, and everything related.

The main goal is to save those little snippets and "a-ha" moments while developing and helping out others on IRC.

If you are interested in sharing your SilverStripe or web programming related knowledge you are invited to post there. Send us an email to info<at>silverstrip.es and we can give you access to the blog or we can post a guest article for you.


Barry and Werner

Latest Blog Posts:

ListboxField example that uses an arbitrary array of values

I've often used ListBox when dealing with DataObjects as the values being selected, it's a little undocumented how to deal with just an arbitrary array... so here is an example for that.
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Block javascript in template

Everyone knows that Requirements::block('/path/to/javascript.js'); in php blocks this file from being loaded. This is important to e.g. require a newer version of jQuery.
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Easier coding with PHPStorm templates

If you're using PHPStorm or Intellij IDEA you might know, that you can use some templates to ease your work.
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$_FILE_TO_URL_MAPPING and symlinks

Howto solve "[Warning] Director::protocolAndHost() lacks sufficient information - HTTP_HOST not set" when your webroot is symlinked to the latest release?

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Listening to changes in many_many relationships, but not hack the framework...

I wanted to add logging but changes to the relationships wasn't obvious at first and then I remembered I could overide the class managing the relationships...
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