How to get all many_many relations of a list

When you have a $many_many relation, e.g. Page m:n RelationTag, it's easy to get all the Tags of one specific Page. But when you want to get all Tags that are used by a bunch of Pages, how can you do that? Efficiently?

For this example I assume the same ORM structure as shown in this article.

Getting all tags of a list of blog post manually would require:

  • get the IDs of all Pages
  • loop over them
  • get the IDs of all RelationTags
  • get all Tags

which is just not performant cause we hit the database all the time. Better would be a double join from Page over Page_Relationtags table to RelationTag to get all that RelationTags used by this list of Pages. Fortunately SilverStripe's DataList class has a built in method for this, ->relation():

public function getAllTags()
    $pages = Page::get()->filter(/*whatever you want to filter here */);
    $allRelationTags = $pages->relation('RelationTags');

    return $allRelationTags;

Here we go!

Thanks to muskie9 on IRC for pointing me to the solution

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