SS4: add HTML to a FormField label

Everyone knows that "Terms and Conditions" checkbox in forms. "By signing up you agree to..." with a link to the terms and condiditions. Fortunately SilverStripe escapes all HTML we pass as a Title of a FormField. But it wasn't SilverStripe when ther wasn't an easy trick for passing that link to the label.

In this case you have to pass a kind of "HTMLFragment" as Title like:

        'By clicking you accept our <a href="#" title="Do not click!">Terms and Conditions</a>'

Internally HTMLFragment maps to HTMLText, but the difference is, that HTMLFragment disables shortcode parsing.

SilverStripe's casting documentation says:

  • HTMLFragment is a block of raw HTML, which should not be escaped. Take care to sanitise any HTML value saved into the database.
  • HTMLText is a HTMLFragment, but has shortcodes enabled. This should only be used for content that is modified via a TinyMCE editor, which will insert shortcodes.

 Thanks to kinglozzer for pointing out this solution on a question by brew_jay on slack, #ss4.

Theoretically this solution should also work on SilverStripe 3.


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